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AdvEn Industries

AdvEn Industries, Inc. is a material science and technology development company. Over the years, the company has steadily built a “Material Technology Platform” based on our innovations of our proprietary “activated carbon” codenamed “ASACs” (AdvEn Super Activated Carbon series). ASACs is a high performance and low cost basic material that can be scaled to suit various levels of performances and costs required by industrial and commercial users.

ASACs can be applied in multiple industries where activated carbon has been or will be playing an important role, such as in energy storage, industrial catalysts, oil/gas recovery, certain high-value added water treatment segments and military applications. We primarily focus on high-end and high value-added market segments where high performance activated carbons are in large demand.

Value Proposition

We create shareholder value by our continued innovation and ownership of unique technologies; by introducing game-changing solutions in chemical material engineering that serves as the very foundation for a host of basic and novel applications cross industries. We create societal value by optimizing our technologies to produce better and more economic solutions addressing challenges in energy efficiency, conservation and recovery across multiple industries.

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Commercial Path
Commercial Path

ASAC’s our core technology (AdvEn’s super activated carbons) can be effectively manufactured for various applications. We have options of various routes to commercialization for our technologies. While maintaining a strong innovative culture and protection of our core IP, we will work with industry partners in related fields in developing products for their applications. As we further advance our technology portfolio, we will selectively expand production capabilities to produce the most essential materials upon which multiple applications and end users depend.

May 4, 2016

AdvEn Partners with NRC-IRAP on ASAC Pilot Plant Development and Optimization

AdvEn has been selected by National Research Council Canada-Industrial Research Assistance Program (NRC-IRAP) to receive generous funding to accelerate our pre-commercial prototyping and plant commissioning to […]