AdvEn Establishes an ASAC Pilot Plant

Announcement on Name Change and Corporate Relocation
October 12, 2015
AdvEn Partners with NRC-IRAP on ASAC Pilot Plant Development and Optimization
May 4, 2016
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AdvEn Establishes an ASAC Pilot Plant


AdvEn Industries announces the establishment of a pilot plant in Edmonton, Alberta scheduled for production by April 2016.  This 1700 sq.ft pilot plant will produce AdvEn’s Super Activated Carbon (ASAC) at moderate volume for sales. ASACs may be used as core material in applications in multiple industries such as in energy storage, water treatment, air filtration, medical, food and beverage industries. The commissioning of this plant  is a significant milestone to bring our innovative “Material Technology Platform” to the marketplace.

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  1. It is really a excellent mission and Goal of your Company.
    By your Super Activated carbon (ASAC) Battery Quality and performance
    will be change revolutionary.

    I am Mohammed Azmal Hussain, Mechanical Engineer.
    General Manager of Technical Support Division of Navana Batteries Limited. Bangladesh.

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