Our Company

Founded in October 2011 and headquartered in Edmonton, Canada, AdvEn Industries Inc. is a clean tech company that utilizes locally-abundant bitumen resources, develops and commercializes high performance materials and their derivatives for hi-tech applications.

Our mission is to build a fundamental “Material Technology” platform, converting hydrocarbon resources to non-combustion applications via superior performance, lower cost and cleaner environmental impact. 

Our vision is 3C: to transform Carbon-rich residues/wastes into Carbon-based high-tech products using sustainable, low-Carbon manufacturing processes 

Our Strategies


• Deliver high-performance products at compatible prices to contribute to and grow high-value markets (energy storage, medical, carbon fiber and more) 

• Utilize low-cost feedstocks, e.g., carbon-rich residue or waste materials (asphaltene, refinery residues, recycled plastics, supermarket wastes and agricultural by-products).

• Manufacture in environmentally sustainable ways with low or no additional GHG emissions.

• Provide a material technology platform to call on and collaborate with like-minded and vision-driven industrial leaders to deliver end-user products.


Our Goals

• In Q1 2021:  build a pre-commercial demonstration plant in Alberta for AdvEn’s Super Activated Carbon (ASAC) – 300 ton/year. Afterwards, continue expanding the market use and add to the production capacity.

• Longer-term in Q2 2021 to commence with pilot production of Electrode Super Adhesive Coating (ESAC) in Q2 2021 and progress towards commercial production in Q1 2022.

• In Q4 2022, begin the pilot production of carbon-fiber (“CF”) from bitumen-derived feedstocks and then after, progress towards commercial production.


Dr. Yanguang Yuan, “YY”, P.Eng., P.Geol.

chief executive officer

Yanguang Yuan has over 35 years of experience in the field of geological sciences, as well as engineering in academics, research, and the upstream oil/gas industry. He is passionate and experienced in technology development and commercialization. He founded BitCan Geosciences & Engineering Inc. in 2000 and has grown it to a world-premiere independent integrated technology and service company in the specialty of geomechanics.


In recent years, there have been difficulties plaguing the oil/gas industry in Alberta. How can we prosper in this uncertain yet globally-connected environment? Alberta government’s BBC (Bitumen Beyond Combustion) initiative to convert bitumen for uses beyond combustion is one excellent answer we should all eagerly pursue. AdvEn’s technology contributes to this initiative, and this is what drew Dr. Yuan and his team to lead AdvEn in its current commercialization stage. We want AdvEn’s technology to be successfully implemented here in Alberta, using its abundant bitumen resources to meet the world’s needs for high-performance products at competitive prices and environmental sustainability. 

Dr. Weixing Chen, P.Eng.

Chief Technology Officer

An expert on material degradation for oil & gas, as well as petrochemical infrastructure, Weixing spent 5 years in the oil & gas and petrochemical industries. As well, he has over 20 years of experience in material engineering R&D that has led to many industrial innovations. As the founder of AdvEn Industries Inc. and co-inventor of ASAC technology, Weixing provides technical leadership in material innovation and process optimization, making ASAC technology and products highly transformational in the activated carbon industry.

In the last 15 years, Weixing has developed various carbon-based materials including synthesized carbon nanotubes, nanostructured coatings, high-performance activated carbons, functionalized graphene materials and utilized these materials in energy storage, CO2 capture and water treatment. He has completed projects sponsored by numerous corporations, as well as both the Canadian and American governments. Weixing has published over 180 technical papers and 2 book chapters and given over 100 technical keynote talks and presentations. He holds a Ph.D. in Material Science and Engineering from University of Manitoba in Canada; M.S. and B.S. in physical metallurgy from Dalian University of Technology in China.