About Us


AdvEn is a fast growing company with several patented technologies.  We are looking for employees with a variety of talents.  If you have relevant experience in material science, electrochemical system engineering, battery design and manufacturing processes, testing, and operation management and a passion to succeed in bringing about next generation solutions, please e-mail your resume to kyle.wang@adven-industries.com . Among the open positions are:
    • Advanced battery cell designers
    • Quality control and test engineers
    • Manufacturing process engineers
    • Prototype assembly line operators



Kyle has spent over 25 years in international operations, business development, venture investment and advisory activities. Over recent 10 years, he has focused on developing novel energy technologies in North America and incubating early stage companies. He is the founder of Global Energy System Exchange, a clean energy investment and advisory firm. Kyle has served as CEOs of early stage companies that develop and commercialize energy storage technologies. He possesses solid understanding of the operational and growth challenges faced by tech startups and is skilled to devise strategies and methods to manage them.

Earlier, Kyle was Vice President - Telecom and Technology at RR Donnelley ($11 billion integrated media solution company) and was instrumental in starting up Donnelley's first manufacturing JV in China ($24M) and developed and managed subsequent partners for the company's later JVs in China. His organization achieved consistent high profit margin enabling the company to become the single largest market share holder in China in the industry. As a Senior Product Manager at Microsoft, Kyle was responsible for strategic engagement with field organizations in APAC region in the Server & Tools business group ($10 billion group), setting growth and profitability targets, optimizing human, technical and financial resources in the group's product launches.

Kyle has been a board member in over a dozen corporate and non-profit organizations. He has a B.A. from Yale University and a MBA from University of Chicago.


Xinewei, co-founder and Chief Technology Officer of Adven Industries,Inc. leads AdvEn's long-term technology vision, and is responsible for the applied research program at AdvEn, providing leadership in incubating a suite of technical innovations at AdvEn. Xinwei has spent over 5 years in managing R&D team involving multiple projects with a number of partners, such as University of Alberta, Lockheed Martin, Alberta government and Amita Technologies Inc. The projects include the development and production of proprietary high-surface-area activated carbons, the invention of high-energy capacitors, and the development of commercializable lithium-ion sulfur batteries. Xinwei has extensive experience with electrochemistry, materials synthesis and characterization. In his research pursuit, he specializes in lithium ion batteries, super capacitors, synthesis of activated carbons, carbon nanotubes, carbon nanotube arrays, graphene nanoribbons and graphene sheets. Xinwei also has direct working experience in the production of lithium-ion batteries. Xinwei has published over 20 scientific papers and taught at University of Alberta. He is an editorial board member for Scientific Reports, a primary research publication from the publishers of Nature. Xinwei holds a doctorate in Materials Science and Engineering from University of Alberta, Canada.


Weixing is a co-founder of AdvEn Solutions Inc. and has been a professor since 1999 in the Department of Chemical and Materials Engineering, University of Alberta, Edmonton, AB, Canada, where he pursues research activities in the microstructure-property relationship of metallic materials, the development of nanostructured materials, and the fabrication and application of carbon nanotube arrays and nanostructured coatings and electrodes.


After serving as a research scientist with Imperial Oil in 2000, Dr. Yuan founded BitCan Geoscience and Engineering Inc. He invented and developed BitCan’s FUSETM technology (Fast and Uniform SAGD Start-up Enhancement), providing total solution to formation containment integrity in oil & gas exploration. The FUSE technology is being widely deployed in Canada providing clear economic benefits for oil exploration customers. It has applications in China and Middle East as well. Dr. Yuan is also in the process of developing a novel heavy oil recovery process as a part of BitCan’s technology portfolio.

Dr. Yuan is known in Canada and overseas as a trusted industry consultant, research scientist, scientific author and speaker in the field of Petroleum Geomechanics. His practical knowledge in the oil and gas exploration industry, coupled with his strong interests in material science, offers valuable guidance to AdvEn industries’ product/solution development in this sector. He holds a Ph.D. from University of Oklahoma in U.S.


Philip has 30 years of international business and investment experience. He spent first 9 years of his career in banking industry both in Hong Kong and Toronto, with responsibilities in project finance, corporate finance, trade finance, M&A and I-banking at CITIC Ka Wah Bank, Ltd. and CIBC.

For past 20 some years, Philip has been a highly successful entrepreneur. He established and has been managing KNP Group, Inc. in Toronto, a manufacturer and distributor of fashion accessories with offices and facilities in Toronto; Vancouver BC; Buffalo, NY; Sydney Australia and Shanghai, China. An active investor, Philip has invested in various industries including real estate, data centers, digital cinema, bio-fuel, sporting goods, organic & life science product and thermal and clean energy.

Mr. Chong has a B.S. in Business Administration, Concordia University, Montreal, Quebec Canada