AdvEn Industries Inc., founded in October 2011, is an electrochemical materials science innovator. We are creating a fundamental "Materials Technology” platform; enabling transition to and broad application of high-performance materials via superior performance, lower costs and environmental sustainability.



After serving as a research scientist with Imperial Oil in 2000, Dr. Yuan founded BitCan Geoscience and Engineering Inc. He invented and developed BitCan’s FUSETM technology (Fast and Uniform SAGD Start-up Enhancement), providing total solution to formation containment integrity in oil & gas exploration. The FUSE technology is being widely deployed in Canada providing clear economic benefits for oil exploration customers. It has applications in China and Middle East as well. Dr. Yuan is also in the process of developing a novel heavy oil recovery process as a part of BitCan’s technology portfolio.

Dr. Yuan is known in Canada and overseas as a trusted industry consultant, research scientist, scientific author and speaker in the field of Petroleum Geomechanics. His practical knowledge in the oil and gas exploration industry, coupled with his strong interests in material science, offers valuable guidance to AdvEn industries’ product/solution development in this sector. He holds a Ph.D. from University of Oklahoma in U.S.


An expert on material degradations for oil & gas, and petrochemical infrastructures, Weixing spent 5 years in oil & gas and petrochemical industries and over 20 years in material engineering R&D that has led to many industrial applications.  As the founder of AdvEn Industries Inc., and co-inventor of ASAC technology, Weixing provides technical leadership in new material innovation, process optimization making ASAC technology and products highly transformational in the activated carbon industry.  

In the recent 15 years, Weixing has developed various carbon-based materials including synthesized carbon nanotubes, nanostructured coatings, high-performance activated carbons, functionalized graphene materials and the utilization of these materials in energy storage, CO2 capture and water treatment, etc.  He has completed projects sponsored by industries and Canadian and US governments.  Weixing has published over 170 technical papers and 2 book chapters, and given over 100 technical keynote talks and presentations; and has been a reviewer or professional editor for over 10 international scientific journals.  He holds a Ph.D. in Material Science and Engineering from University of Manitoba in Canada; M.S. and B.S. in physical metallurgy from Dalian University of Technology in China.