AdvEn’s ASAS-30 is Gaining Customers’ Evidence in Lithium Sulfur Battery Innovation

Lithium sulfur battery has long been considered as a disruptive electrochemical system in the energy storage industry that promises doubled or even tripled performance compared with the lithium-ion batteries today.   However, the industry is still craving for material innovations to help overcome serious challenges hindering lithium sulfur battery’s market adoption.  AdvEn’s proprietary ASAC-30 is a high-performance cathode support material for lithium sulfur batteries, which introduces higher energy density and longer cycle life for such batteries.

AdvEn launched ASAC-30 sample sales in the mid-2016 and has been receiving repeated orders from tier one European automotive manufacturer, world-renowned research institutes devoted to lithium sulfur system innovations.  The positive feedbacks received from our customers while benchmarking with the materials from world’s leading material producers demonstrate the growing market recognition of ASAC-30’s performance, quality and consistency.

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