AdvEn June Update #2

AdvEn has finalized a new poster to illustrate its mission statement: “We are creating a fundamental “Materials Technology” platform; enabling transition to and broad application of high-performance materials via superior performance, lower costs and environmental sustainability.” The poster depicts carbon molecules at the base trunk of each tree, which change to carbon fiber as moving up towards the tree leaves and down towards subsurface through the roots where hydrocarbon is formed eventually. Around is an energetic scene with electric cars and trains powered by the traditional hydrocarbon resources and renewable wind and solar energy. The aurora of the poster is clean and natural.

Dr. Weixing Chen, CTO of AdvEn, explains: “The poster aims to convey our determination and confidence in that we can develop material technologies that help utilize the rich natural resources in Alberta and around the world, and still keep our environment clean and natural. We do not need to choose one from the other. AdvEn’s technologies can help achieve both at the same time.”

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