AdvEn June Update #4

AdvEn has unveiled a vision poster to Alberta Innovates. AdvEn’s vision is 3C:

“Transforming Carbon Rich Residues into High Performance Carbon Products Using Sustainable Low-Carbon Techniques.”

Our processes generate no direct CO2 emission. The poster shows bitumen produced in the well-known SAGD process (upper right corner) is used in an AdvEn’s factory (middle) to manufacture products that are exported to worldwide, powering a green society, cleaning up the environment and fueling other yet-to-imagine applications.

In a presentation to AI on June 16, 2020, Dr. Yuan, CEO of AdvEn, remarked: “On the lower left corner, a senior and a young girl point to the clean, green and dynamic scene. I encourage everyone to imagine that you are this senior who explains to your young generations that I have helped this vision being achieved. Alberta had a beautiful success story that developed and commercialized the SAGD process. Let’s work together to advance Alberta government’s bitumen beyond combustion (BBC) initiative. Then, we will have another Alberta-made success story to tell our young generations.”