AdvEn July Update #1

AdvEn has signed a master service agreement (MSA) with a European consultant for marketing AdvEn’s ASAC products, including advising, market researches, branding and other necessary works to be determined from time to time. The said consultant has been in business development for carbon-related products since 2006 and in the most recent 10 years, dedicated to whole life-cycle feedstock sourcing and product selling related to activated carbon.

“We appreciate his experienced observations and candor; and look forward to his contributions to marketing and selling AdvEn’s ASAC products worldwide.”, Mr. Brad Kearl, BDM of AdvEn, commented. The consultant said, “When: Start when we have product available; Deliverables: Good connections, building relationship, …; Sales after min 6 months from start. … I also know a good other party in xxx who can help you there. Your full 200-300mt can be sold easily there.”

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