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ASAC Technology has enormous potential in all areas of science. Applications for ASAC can be found in virtually every major scientific field in the world, including supercapacitors, more efficient energy storage, and even life-saving medical treatments.

What do people think about ASAC?

We are optimistic that this product will have a wide application spectrum in municipal context . . . The City is willing to provide in kind support of $35k/year . . .
- Fayi Zhoe
General Supervisor, Utilities design
city of edmonton, alberta
I am pleased to endorse one of your carbon materials ASAC-30, which has demonstrated superior performance when used in our lithium sulfur battery technology.
Mahdokht Shaibani, PhD
Monarch university
melbourne, australia

Not sure what ASAC is?

ASAC a revolutionary technology that turns low value waste material from agriculture and oil manufacturing and converts it into high value carbon…

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