Electrode Materials for Energy Storage

The unique combination of surface area, purity, apparent density and porosity makes ASACs the materials of choice to store and release electrons in supercapacitors or advanced batteries such as Li-S batteries. In conjunction with AdvEn’s proprietary coating technique, the ASAC supercapacitor electrodes can deliver excellent capacitance, high power and energy density, long cycle life and low internal resistance, all with reasonable cost. When used as electrode materials in Li-S batteries, ASAC can store up to 400 wt. % of sulfur, protecting sulfur from dissolution, which contribute to extended cycle life while maintaining high energy density.

Solutions for Cleaner Environment

The skyrocketing level of environmental pollution throughout the world introduced by human activities, the growing public concerns and awareness for sustainability, and the increasingly stringent government regulations on pollution control have created urgent demand for technological solutions through innovation. Our proprietary ASACs provide such sustainable and cost-efficient solutions for water treatment, gas purification and soil remediation by effectively adsorbing and removing fine particles, bacteria, harmful chemicals, foul-smelling substances or volatile organic compounds.

Catalysts or Catalyst Supports

The exceptionally high surface area and large pore volume of ASACs provide excellent catalytic performance in food, chemical and pharmaceutical processes, rarely matched by other activated carbons. Furthermore, ASACs’ high purity prevents catalyst poisoning and minimizes undesirable side reactions. The customizability of ASAC particle sizes and pore sizes helps control the reaction kinetics with ease