AdvEn’s proprietary ASAC (AdvEn’s Super Activated Carbon) technology is behind our revolutionary materials technology platform upon which various applications can be built. Activated carbon is a porous form of carbon widely utilized in multiple industries including energy storage, water and air treatment, food and beverage, cosmetic, pharmaceutical and military. Compared with competitors’ activated carbons, ASAC has superior surface area, high purity, controllable pore size and low cost. These unique properties enable our customers and partners to deliver unparalleled solutions for their customers, as well as open up doors for emerging applications.

Superior Performance

ASAC is a porous carbon material consisting of graphene layers with controllable pore size distribution. The state-of-the-art activation method of ASACs leads to high surface area up to 3200 g/m2, which is the highest of all activated carbons currently available in the commercial market. Moreover, ASACs possess high purity with ash content as low as 0.1wt%, which can meet even the most stringent purity requirements of high end applications.

Cost-effective & Sustainable

Comparing with leading competitors’ high-end activated carbons, ASACs not only outperform them, but are also more affordable. Using agriculture and industrial wastes as raw materials, the production process of ASACs is eco-friendly and corrosion-free.

Customizable properties

The manufacturing process of ASACs is highly flexible and controllable, which enables us to tailor the parameters, such as surface area, apparent density and pore size distribution, to target specific performance requirements.